The French demanded Russia to pay Czarist debts


Photo: Wikipedia

About 400 thousand of French citizens in total appealed to the International Federal Association of holders of Russian loans, demanding the return of Russia of debts written off in 1918, by decree of Vladimir Lenin. It is reported by RFI.

As a result of 15 billion francs (currently equivalent to 53 billion euros), which in the second half of the XIX century were invested in the Russian railway company, was not returned. After refusing to pay a debt “hundreds of thousands of holders of Russian bonds have been broken”. Currently, the reimbursement of debt relief require the descendants of holders of Russian debt securities.

How to write RFI, hopes to pay off the debt with Russia, the 1997 Moscow signed the Paris agreement, under which the Russian side paid the closing of the Royal debt of 330 million euros. However, the holders of debt securities do not consider the question because “Russia has not declared bankruptcy” and “debt has no Statute of limitations,” said the Association’s President Eric Sanitas.

In 2017, Russia repaid the last outstanding obligations of the USSR, paying Bosnia and Herzegovina 125,2 million dollars.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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