Trump compared on Stalin


Donald Truephoto: Kevin Lamarque / Reuters

U.S. Senator from Arizona Jeff Flake, a member of the same party of the President of Donald trump has compared the leader of the country with the “Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin”. A statement he made in an interview on ABC News Sunday, January 14.

The reason for harsh criticism of the President and his comparison with “dictator” was the statement trump that of the publication, spreading fake news, “not his enemies, but the enemies of the American people.”

This week Flake plans to give a speech in the U.S. Senate and criticize the White house for “daily insults of a free press, protected by the Constitution.”

“This is an indicator of the state of democracy in our country, what our President says the words Joseph Became embarrassing to describe their enemies,” said in a speech, Senator.

In his words, the Senator refers to one of the posts of the President on Twitter in which he calls the well-known American news fake media and enemies of the American people.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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