Black prostitute left of the Muscovite through the window with 50 million rubles


Photo: Boris Roessler / DPA /

Black prostitute stole from the apartment of the Muscovite almost 50 million rubles. On Tuesday, January 16, RIA Novosti reported.

The Metropolitan police said 55-year-old resident of the district Rostokino and told about the disappearance of large sums of money — more than 48 million rubles. The money disappeared along with the girl-a stranger whom he invited to his apartment. As field investigators found out, the guest escaped through the window.

Soon the girl was detained in the suburbs. It turned out that she works as a prostitute and came to Russia from African countries.

In Uzbekistan prostitute killed 16-year-old schoolboy, who came to her for sexual needs. The reason was the swearing teenager.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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