Photographer “gave birth to” the cat for the original images


Photo: Lucy Schultz / Elizabeth Woods-Darby

A photographer from USA took part in the photo shoot which depicted the birth of your cat. She posted pictures on the page in Facebook, and a few days post shared 70 thousand people.

Lucy Schulz (Lucy Schultz) January 10, took the cat from a shelter and decided to celebrate with a photo shoot. “I was thinking about how to participate in this survey, more than a year, when I decided to take a kitten. I just wanted to celebrate this milestone in my life,” explained the girl creative idea.

On the pictures the girl in the arms of her husband depicts attempts, swaddles a kitten close to her heart “newborn”.

Taking made girl girlfriend Elizabeth, also a photographer. According to Schultz, the first thing she did when found the cat of your dreams wrote to a friend, the same, in turn, came to her with all the equipment as soon as kitty appeared in a new house.

During a photo shoot the kitten has behaved well. “He was in the seventh heaven, the three of us gave him all the attention and stroked it. Once he was wrapped, he fell asleep, and slept through most of the shooting,” — says the owner of the animal. How to call a new pet, Schultz had not yet been invented.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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