The blonde kicked out of the police for the notoriety on YouTube


An employee of the St. Petersburg police was sacked after posting on YouTube a recording of her drunken brawl, reported the Internet edition “Fontanka”. According to her superiors, Sergeant caused great damage to the credibility of the internal Affairs bodies.

A video in which a drunk police officer Valery Belov swings his ID, was posted on YouTube on 31 October last year and scored more than a hundred thousand views. In minutes video the girl staggered expresses his fearlessness in the face of threats to the administration of the restaurant to call the police.

The publication was the cause of the internal investigation Directorate of the Moi for St. Petersburg and Leningrad region. In the result colleagues stationery set: drunken Sergeant without having showed his ID and tried to use his position for personal gain. At the time of the Commission of the offense the girl was on leave to care for a child.

The result of the investigation was the order of dismissal stationery for unworthy wrongful conduct, discrediting honor of the employee. The girl held the position of assistant operations duty officer. In the bodies of internal Affairs, she worked for more than four years.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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