Europeans feared the hijacked trucks with chemicals for bombs


Photo: Francois Lenoir / Reuters

Across Europe, alerted police over the missing truck full of explosive material. About it reports on Tuesday, January 23, Mirror.

As it became known, a truck was stolen from Zedelgem in Belgium on January 21. It contains 33.5 thousand litres of a chemical which can be used in the manufacture of bombs.

According to some reports, the cab of a stolen vehicle, black in color, license plate 1-QEB-708. The details of the stolen truck, were not disclosed. The publication notes that the thieves likely changed the license plates to leave the country, or went to a shelter to unload the truck.

Sent a warning to all police. The main search is on the territory of Spain, France and Belgium, neighbouring countries have established additional control.

At the same time, representatives of the Belgian police told the media that “as far as they know,” the chemical from the truck can not be applied in the manufacture of explosives, reports The Sun. According to the Spanish Radio Nacional reporter Laura Alonso, the truck was carrying a substance called Radiacid. A number of products with the same name produces hiscompany Oleon.

In recent years, Europe and the United States have repeatedly committed terrorist attacks using trucks and cars. 31 October 2017 was driving the rental truck’s 29-year-old native of Uzbekistan deliberately made arrival on pedestrians in new York, and then opened fire. Killing eight people. Such attacks coverages at different times in London, Barcelona, Berlin, nice.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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