Russia remembered forgotten “Crown”


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In Russia are working on creating reusable rockets “Crown”. Key features of the project on passing in Moscow “Royal readings” said Deputy General designer of SRC Makeyev Sergey Molchanov, reports “Interfax”.

“We are planning to develop a fully reusable single-stage launch vehicles with no intermediate stages. The rocket is designed to launch into low-earth orbit altitude of 200 to 500 kilometers with an inclination of up to 110 degrees,” — said Molchanov.

In his words, “Crown” suggests a reusable single-stage design of a vertical takeoff and landing, equipped with a landing shock absorbers. Most Energoupravlenie elements in the systems of the missiles allow you to use it at least 25 times, share media will be at least a hundred flights.

The fuel to get back to “Crown” land will be delivered by carrier-tanker. As the main engine it is assumed to use liquid unit external expansion with the modular combustion chamber with a shortened Central body to a pair of high-energy “hydrogen-oxygen”. The main construction material — carbon fiber, the thermal blanket is planned to use ceramic tiles.

Currently the world’s only existing rocket, the elements of which (the first step) is reused, the Falcon 9 is an American company SpaceX.

SRC Makeyev is one of the largest research and design centers of Russia for development of space-rocket technology. From 1992 to 2012, the center has been working on the “Crown”, in particular, identified the key technical and technological solutions. Project frozen due to lack of funding, is now resumed.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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