Switched at birth children decided to leave in other people’s families


Photo: Jayanta Dey / Reuters

Two Indian families have decided to educate other people’s children, which got them because of an error of the nurse in the hospital, reports BBC News.

In March 2015 a Muslim Salma, Parbin (Salma Parbin) from the state of Assam son was born. After a few days she suspected that the hospital made a mistake and given her someone else’s child. “He has small eyes. No, no one in my family,” said the woman. She suggested that got the son of a woman from the people of Bodo, who went into labor with her.

The hospital denied the allegations and advised Harbin to see a psychiatrist. In response, her husband requested a list of women who were in the office at the same time. One of them was used Chevali borough (Shewali Boro) of the Bodo people. The man twice went to her village, but he lacked the courage to knock on the house. Then he wrote her a letter.

When the borough saw the child Parbin, she drew attention to the Mongoloid facial features of the boy, which is typical for the people of Bodo. It convinced her that the hospital really made a mistake. Parvin asked me to switch children, but Boro had to be abandoned because of the ban of the mother.

Later, the family Parbin ordered a DNA test of the child. The results confirmed the suspicion. There followed a long legal battle, which ended in January 2017.

“The judge told us that if you want we can exchange kids. We are told that will not do, says Salma Parvin. We grew them for three years and can’t just take and give them.” The family agreed to meet regularly and thus participate in the lives of their biological children.

The people of the Bodo ethnic group in North-East India, which is famous for its weavers. Many families keep their own silkworms and early years teaching daughters how to weave.

In 2015, a court in France ordered to pay two families almost two million euros for the mistake of doctors and midwives who mistook their children for more than 20 years ago.

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