The scientist told about the call of Noah to the antediluvian son on the phone


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Turkish academic Yavuz, Arnek said that Noah, before the flood spoke with his son on his mobile phone. The scientist noted that “he has evidence”, reports the Hürriyet Daily News.

The man complains that the University in Istanbul, where he currently teaches, asked him to stop imposing others “my crazy theory”. This happened after an interview with TV channel TRT 1, in which he told about his point of view.

“They pissed me off during the show. I could properly explain my theory. But when I suddenly said “mobile”, all began to contradict me. If they left me alone, I could prove your words” — says the man on the last show. What specific facts he intended to present in favor of his theory, Arnek said.

The man, however, admitted that after the broadcast he began to write many viewers, expressing their support. “Even received an offer to translate my book in English” — said Arnek.

Noah is the last of the antediluvian patriarchs of the old Testament, occurring in a direct line from Adam. According to the Bible, Noah was a righteous man, that God saved him and his family from the flood, and commanded him to build an ark and to take also a pair of animals of each species. From his sons, Shem, ham, Japheth and their wives happened to the peoples who populated the whole world.

In Islam, Noah is revered as a prophet under the name of NMH. Unlike the Bible, the Koran explains that in the ark, gathered his family, except his wife and one of his sons by the name of Yama. He refused to sail with his father, hoping to escape on the mountain, and eventually died. According to Turkish academician, it was with him and was talking to the father before the departure of the ark.

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