“Zombie infection” turned out to be dangerous for people


Frame: the film “the Train to Busan”

Scientists at the University of Colorado said that the dangerous disease called chronic weakness (spongiform encephalopathy of deer) and discovered in 1967, is a danger to people. According to the newspaper Daily Express, the disease brings animals to exhaustion and turns them into a kind of aimlessly wandering and stumbling zombies.

Spongiform encephalopathy is caused by prions — proteins with the specific defect structure, which can transform normal proteins into prions. Hitting the brain, they cause a chain reaction, as a result, the number of prions exponentially increasing, and the formation of clumps of defective proteins.

They affect extensive areas of nervous tissue and cause their extinction. There are several prion diseases: mad cow disease, scrapie, a disease of Creutzfeldt-Jakob, Kuru, fatal familial insomnia. They are all incurable and inevitably fatal.

According to researchers, people can get chronic fatigue, eating deer meat and other animal species that are susceptible to this infection (elk, mule). The first symptoms can occur within two years after infection, after which the patient’s condition will continue to deteriorate. Previously, scientists believed that there is a species barrier to infection of people of the deer, but it turned out that the infection can be passed like mad cow disease.

Mad cow disease first discovered in Britain in 1986, when he became infected about 180 thousand heads of livestock. Eating meat of sick animals in the food led to the death of more than two hundred people.

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