Bangkok predicted the flood of brothels


Photo: Sukree Sukplang / Reuters

The brothels of Bangkok and illegal use of ground water for massage rooms. Because of this the town which is in the valley, is threatened by flooding by 2030. This writes The Sun.

Checking brothels of Bangkok obnarujila that in the broad practice included the pumping of groundwater to bypass the urban water system, to not pay bills for utilities. Police also reported finding underage workers in the sex services and on payments of bribes to city authorities.

The increase in water level in the sea due to global warming together with lowering of ground level in the city due to lack of groundwater can lead to partial flooding of Bangkok. Prior to the implementation of programs to control the use of wastewater the city ground has sunk 10 centimeters per year. According to analysts, now the figures dropped slightly, and the situation requires constant monitoring.

Prostitution was officially legalized in Thailand. The owners of brothels pay bribes to the authorities, and they, in turn, turn a blind eye to the actions of industry participants. With the exception of cases when cases are identified for the provision of sexual services by minors — then salon owners prosecuted.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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