Kazakhstan to create virtual courts


Photo Shamil Zhumatov / Reuters

Chairman of the Supreme court of Kazakhstan Asanov Zhakip instructed to create the virtual court. This was reported by “Kazinform”.

“Artificial intelligence is not a tribute to the fashion word. Imagine computer in just seconds handles all litigation and laws and gives each judge the right advice. We need to make the possibilities of IT-technologies could use each judge. Of course, to us it seems fantastic, but soon it will become a reality. For these two or three years, aim to create virtual courts where it is not necessary to gather all participants in a courtroom. Any of them may at home, abroad, to participate in the process”, — said Asanov at the enlarged sitting of judges of the Supreme court.

The President of the Supreme court of Kazakhstan has called the reasons of the ships not disappearing paperwork. According to him, some of his colleagues do not speak of computer literacy or willing to work on the computer. Asanov added that the possibility of IT services there has been little coverage, court employees no technical means, there is a low speed and even a complete lack of Internet.

“The main problem is the judges themselves. Required to print, work on paper, and electronically. To be honest, got used to the papers. I also like on paper. But now, at my request, the front office gave me a number of tasks. They now took me, and promised very soon, even if I insist, stop carrying around my paper. I now have nowhere to go. If I learn, dear colleagues, I think that it will affect each of us. We will cease to carry papers to the offices. With the exception only of the case. It is irreversible”, he added.

In August 2017 the virtual court appeared in Hangzhou in Eastern China. In the jurisdiction of the court are cases of copyright infringement on the Internet, fraud and irregularities in the conclusion of business transactions in the network, as well as other issues. Hearings are conducted by video broadcast in real time as the verdicts.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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