Ukraine scared Visotsky and Tsoi


Photo: Pavel Golovkin / “Kommersant”

Director of the Ukrainian Institute of national memory (responsible for the formation and implementation of the historic policy of the state) Volodymyr viatrovych in his Facebook called musicians, Vladimir Vysotsky, Viktor Tsoi and Alla Pugacheva, as well as writer Mikhail Bulgakov “the tentacles of the Russian world”.

“Not all the tentacles of the “Russian world” such heinous and obvious as the scoop and Moscow Church (Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the Moscow Patriarchate — ed. “Of the”). Some more cute, elegant and respectable, but no less dangerous. “Irony of fate”, “the eighth of March,” Bulgakov, Pugachev and even Vysotsky and Tsoi in the hands of the Kremlin — an effective instrument for the reminder of the common cultural space and tools playback”, — he wrote.

Vyatrovich also expressed outrage at the Ukrainians, remembered 80 years from the birthday of Vladimir Vysotsky. “Decolonization? In the Ukrainian segment of Facebook the 80th anniversary of the Russian bard and revelers recalled significantly more than the same anniversary of the Ukrainian poet and fighter for freedom,” said the historian, meaning “the Ukrainian poet and fighter for freedom” by Vasyl Stus.

Earlier in January, viatrovych said that Ukraine should recognize the period of stay in the USSR “occupation”. According to the historian, 2017 can be called “the year of the centenary of the beginning of the Bolshevik aggression.” He also proposed to proclaim the continuity of the modern Ukraine and the Ukrainian people’s Republic (UNR) which existed in the years 1917-1921. The viatrovych pointed out that the Act of independence of Ukraine, adopted in 1991, would not be reviewed. This document sets out the indivisibility and inviolability of the territory of the country, which includes the Crimea.

Ukrainian Institute of national memory, headed by viatrovych, is a state body subordinated to the Cabinet of Ministers.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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