An elderly Chinese man decided to pose naked for a small pension


Wang SuzhongКадр:

A resident of China posing Nude for artists, as it lacks pensions, writes The Mirror.

Van Sujan (Wang Suzhong) from Chengdu city, Sichuan province, took up an unusual hobby six years ago, when his pension was reduced to 700 yuan (6,250 rubles) per month. He learned that the city College of the arts offers a 100 yuan (900 rubles) per day of work naked sitter.

Wong works every day for eight hours with small breaks. According to the pensioner, it does not confuse the movies he is shown without clothes and he like to watch artists work. Their work he calls “full of taste”.

Students and staff at the College treated him well and sometimes I buy him food. The pensioner admits that the job gives him incentive to keep in shape, the feeling of being needed and the ability to communicate with people.

The only drawback Wong calls relevant to his case, his children: none of them came to him since then as he started to pose, and one of his sons has said it will not attend his funeral.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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