Japanese girls to sleep suggested to provide additional breast


Photo: aliexpress.com

Popular in Japan, “girls sleep”, made in the form of huge pillows, offered to equip extra soft implants for breast. Reported by Rocket News.

The cushions are printed images Nude heroines from the anime, which makes them extremely popular. One of the manufacturers decided to diversify the product and began to offer cushion with additional elements.

The consumer is invited to choose between three sizes “chest”: small, medium and large “to meet individual preferences”.

A set of pillow cases and implants is $ 125, available prints, with nine different anime girls. Its cushion is sold separately. The manufacturer expects a rush of customers on Valentine’s Day, February 14.

In 2004, the Japanese released the pillow for a bachelor, the form of which are exactly the same as the lower part of a woman’s body, sitting on his knees.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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