Putin joked about the work of combiner in case of failure on elections


Vladimir Putinto: Alexei Nikolsky / RIA Novosti

The President of Russia Vladimir Putin inspected the new equipment in the shops of the combine plant “Rostselmash” in Rostov-on-don “started” virtual processor. On Thursday, February 1, RIA Novosti reported.

The head of state showed training simulator harvester displayed in place of the windshield computer image of field work. Putin sat at the place of the machine operator and, following the instructions of the representative of the plant started “cleaning” crop. “If, after March 18 will go to work as a combiner”, — he joked.

In October 2011, Dmitry Medvedev, who was then President of the country, and led while the government Vladimir Putin has arrived in the corn field in the Stavropol region. Two UAZ “Patriot” they rolled out in the field, where he sat behind the wheel of agricultural machinery. Together with mechanization Medvedev and Putin moved on the field from both sides, collecting the harvest of corn. In the center of the machine was found, at the same time dropping the harvest into the truck. “With wide effort you,” said Medvedev to Putin, coming out of the combine. “Good job, for 6 tons were collected,” ― said Putin.

Rostselmash group of companies, which includes 13 companies, producing equipment under the brand Rostselmash, Versatile, Farm King, Buhler. At the Assembly sites in Russia, the US and the EU made a complete line of machinery and equipment for agribusiness: from soil preparation and sowing to harvesting and processing the crop.

The Russian presidential election will be held on March 18, 2018, the election campaign officially started on 18 December. Putin goes on elections as the independent candidate.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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