The richest artist in the world broke into a neighbor and came out of the creative crisis


Damien, Herttua: Matt Dunham / AP

English artist Damien Hirst spoke about the case, which became a turning point in his career. About this he wrote in The Guardian on Thursday, February 1.

According to Hirst, in the 1980s, he was a creative crisis, from which came out once broke in to an elderly neighbor. What he saw, broke the locks, changed his life.

The artist said that he lived in a squat and used to hear radio from the neighbor. When he has ceased to hear the sounds, worried and decided to pay a visit to the old man. He and several friends climbed over the fence and climbed to the top floor, which was the only living rooms that had to break. No one was there, Hurst had inquired in the municipality where he was told that the man moved.

“Hearing this answer, I went back to examine the place and found a huge amount of stuff accumulated over 60 years. This man was a true hoarder”, — said the artist.

As the artist notes, he first realized that the messed-up things can be a work of art. “It’s like a sculpture, created from his property,” added Hurst. After that, according to his confession, he was distracted from painting and began to make collages of things.

Damien Hirst — the richest artist in the world is estimated by the Sunday Times. In 2008 a series of his works went under the hammer for $ 198 million.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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