A little puppy was fed to Python in front of the public


Photo: Weibo / PETA Asia

Employees of the Chinese zoo gave to be devoured by a Python, a puppy that has shocked nearby visitors. About it reports The Daily Mail.

The incident occurred in the Chinese city of Pingdingshan. The witnesses have circulated photos and videos of the incident on the social network Weibo, which caused a wave of indignation.

Abundant evidence of the killing of puppy in front of the visitors noticed and the local branch of the organization PETA.

“This incident confirms that the law on the protection of animals required, and China is above it to think” — said the organization. They also added that there are laws to protect wild animals, but Pets, the local government doesn’t care.

The administration of the zoo explained that for feeding snakes responsible “third parties”. However, representatives of the zoo said that after the scandal of the pythons stopped giving puppies as food.

1 Feb the Australian filmed the process of eating possum diamond Python. He told how together with her son watched.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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