Accident at Russian hydroelectric power station explained defective parts of Ukraine


Photo: Igor Ageenko / RIA Novosti

Shutter damage overflow dam of Nizhne-Bureiskaya hydroelectric power station, located in the Amur region has occurred from-for infringements of technology of making the axis of the shutter and low quality steel. About it reports TASS.

“The cause of the destruction of the axis of the pivot bearing was a violation of its manufacturing technology – overheating of steel and the manifestation of reversible temper brittleness. The examination also revealed low quality steel emergency axis, its high contamination of non-metallic inclusions. This indicates that the steel was purged with argon after melting, which is a gross violation of manufacturing technology”, — told in “RusGidro”.

The shutter and the axis of the shutter produced in 2014 at the Ukrainian enterprises. In 2015, the shutter mounted on the lower-Bureyskaya HPP. It is noted that the destruction of the axis of the shutter has occurred during regular maneuvering, no violations of the regulations by staff. The company said that the Ukrainian defective parts will be replaced by domestic.

“The all-new axis valves will be manufactured in Russia with the organization of independent instrumental quality control and compliance of manufacturing technology”, — stated in the message.

The accident at the Nizhne-Bureiskaya hydroelectric power station occurred on August 24, 2017. During normal maneuvering in flight No. 1 of spillway dam damaged the shutter. Because of this, the NPP platform was flooded. No one was hurt, the equipment of the turbine hall HPP received no damage.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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