Chinese women learn how to properly get in the face from their husbands


Frame: Petar Kudjundzic / Reuters

China protested the presence in the country, “schools of morality” for women, in which they are taught to please and serve men. Hidden camera videos with a lesson in one of these institutions in Fushun city of Liaoning province was posted online, the Associated Press reports.

In the video you can see what the lecturer says to the students: “Man, the sky, the woman — land, it should always be below her husband.” They also teach that if the husband was struck, then the response can not be beat, if he abuses — need to be silent, to meekly endure, and in any case not to file for divorce.

Dan Xichang told me that her mother had visited a similar institution in Changsha. Classes were free, students were provided accommodation and vegetarian food. Women are told that obedience to the husband will make their children happier sex before marriage is unacceptable, they were also forced to bow to a statue of Confucius.

“School of morality” in fǔshùn was founded in 2011 by a former inmate who served time for murder. Local authorities approved the project as a public organisation. 20-day program “women of virtue” for a time were about 40 people. Tuition fees are not required, pupils have made voluntary donations.

In December last year, the school was closed. The local Department of education ordered to investigate and eliminate all such institutions.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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