Died the loneliest bird


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In New Zealand died the lonely bird on the planet — footed booby Nigel. Her death was reported by newspaper Metro.

Nigel and I spent three years alone on the island of Mana. It was surrounded by only concrete copies of birds — local authorities have set them up to attract gannets, which for some reason left the earth. Sometimes they flew to the dummy, but realizing that those are not alive, left the place. And only Nigel stayed on the island for a long time, because “love” in one of the statues. He built her nest and nursed her several times and even performed a mating dance.

In December on the island arrived and settled three other boobies, but Nigel would rather spend time with her concrete friends. Probably it is simply not accepted in the pack.

Employee of the environmental Agency of the island Chris bell (Chris Bell), who discovered the body of Nigel, said that mourns the death of the animal. “All these years I watched him sitting there with his concrete company. His life was not supposed to end so,” he said. However, bell did not believe that Nigel has lived a life in vain, as he became the first colonizer and was able to attract other birds.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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