Disclosed to the income of “sellers” of bare legs


Photo: @theperfectmistress

Models specializing in sexual deviancy, earned last year from 70 thousand to 90 thousand dollars. Girls monetize the passion of men to female feet, according to the news portal.com.au.

In order to sell their bodies, many Instagram models simply remove the shoes. The girl, hiding her real name under the nickname theperfectmistress constantly publish in your account the photo of the feet and ankles. Her profile watch 173 thousands of fans. As a rule, the monetization options in these two projects: sale of access to the private social network account, where she lays out specific content, or sharing pictures or videos of women’s legs on gifts.

Model theperfectmistress operates in the second scheme: in the biography in the social network account is active link to the wishlist on Amazon. Almost everything in the list is the interior and appliances (among them ball for yoga with a video projector, a drinking bottle for animal and coffee table).

Video, photo All from Russia.


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