Grudinina have found two do not end up closed accounts in Switzerland and Austria


Paul Gradimento: Ilya Pitalev / RIA Novosti

The candidate for presidency from the Communist party Pavel Grudinin has some not until the end of closed accounts in foreign banks, said the Deputy Chairman of the Central electoral Commission Nikolay Bulaev. His words leads TASS referring to TV channel “Russia 24” on Friday, February 2.

“There is a misunderstanding we have. There are two accounts in Switzerland, not closed and which have not informed the Federal tax service and two accounts in Austria, which is also to the end is not closed,” he said.

The CEC representative said that Grudinin promised to provide all the information “today or tomorrow”. “I don’t see problems there, which are insoluble in nature,” he added.

He Grudinin, the TV channel said that “he has no problem with the accounts, no” and said that the purpose of today’s visit to the CEC was to “sign Trustees.”

As reported on January 12, Grudinin within one day submitted to the CEC documents, which announced the presence and absence of his accounts in foreign banks. From the information available on the website of the CEC should be that the candidate didn’t use any foreign financial instruments and had accounts at the national Bank of Liechtenstein securities. Both documents are dated January 8 and signed by Grudinina.

Grudinin was second after the LDPR leader Vladimir Zhirinovsky was officially registered as a candidate for the highest office. Both of them as representatives of the parliamentary parties are exempted from collecting signatures. President Vladimir Putin takes part in the election campaign as an independent candidate.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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