Humanity survived the fall of a giant comet


Photo: NGCHunter2 / Flickr

Scientists at the University of Chicago found evidence that about 13 thousand years ago fell to Earth, a comet with a diameter of more than a hundred kilometers. Cosmic body crashed into fragments that are “bombed” in North and South America, West Europe and Asia. It’s called “asteroid winter”, the mass extinction of Pleistocene megafauna and the abundant forest fires. This was reported in an article published in The Journal of Geology.

The traces of the disaster were found in the analysis of ice cores extracted from Greenland’s ice sheet. Thus, the layer of ice that formed in the late Dryas (the final stage of the last glaciation), discovered abnormal amounts of platinum that indicates that this element was thrown into the Earth’s atmosphere as a result of a catastrophic event. At the same time in the cores there was an increase in the concentration of salts and dust, which indicates a strengthening of the winds due to global climate change.

Also in the deposits of ice found evidence of global wildfires. It was revealed the increase in the content of combustion products of biomass — ammonia, nitric oxide and acetate. The area destroyed by the fire of vegetation is estimated at 10 million square kilometres (nine percent of the total biomass of the Earth). In particular, burned a large part of the pine forest that has grown poplar.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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