In sex toys found a new danger


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Cybersecurity experts have discovered a new and dangerous vulnerability in the software of sex toys. As stated in the report SEC team Consult, with a connection to the world wide web is a single of the hacking of intimate gadget can be fatal for the whole system.

Discovered vulnerability in the software sex gadgets allow attackers to mount a Dildo to the ongoing DDos attacks, and take them under complete control during use. For example, the device Vibratissimo, the structure of which allows you to wear it under clothing, it can run any holder of gadget with Bluetooth and 4G. To do this, he doesn’t even have to personally know the owner of the vibrator or to be around him.

In addition, hackers can easily get through this device to access any information about a person stored in the app on the phone / e-mail, unencrypted passwords, data about the orientation, photos, and chat messages and so on.

Video: SEC Consult / YouTube

On Twitter, the report caused a heated debate. “If all the document says is true, then this cannot be called otherwise than professional negligence. I hope the customers Vibratissimo take this into account and require or undertake the appropriate security measures,” wrote one of the bloggers concerned.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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