In the United States prepared to reveal the bias of the FBI to Trump


Donald Truephoto: Yuri Gripas / Reuters

Committee on intelligence of the U.S. Congress reviewed the document, which will be revealed facts of unscrupulous work of the FBI in the case of the connections of President Donald trump with Russia during the election campaign of 2016. As reported by Fox News, it is expected that the trump declassify this paper.

The publication notes the Committee approved 29 Jan. Its exact content is not known, according to preliminary data, it is revealed how the FBI broke the law and abused access surveillance. In particular, secretly listened to telephone Carter Paige, a consultant to trump foreign policy during the election campaign.

The FBI believe that Paige was conducting secret negotiations with Moscow. He denies the charges. The document will be published as soon as the President will sign. The President’s chief of staff, John Kelly, told Fox News that the document will be published “fairly quickly, and the whole world will see him”.

The FBI expressed dissatisfaction with the expected publication. In an official statement, the Bureau States that there are doubts about the authenticity contained in the document in addition, employees of security services provided a limited ability to read the text the day before the vote in the Committee.

Then trump in his Twitter wrote that the FBI investigators and the Ministry of justice “politicize the investigation in favor of Democrats and against Republicans”.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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