Kaluga student slashed a classmate’s face and jumped out the window


Photo: Eugene biyatov / RIA Novosti

Kaluga student stabbed classmate with a knife and jumped out the third floor window. About it “lente.ru” has informed the official representative of regional investigatory management of investigatory Committee Lily Moshkova.

“On Friday, February 2, pared the beginning of class the moment the teacher left the class for a journal, one of the seventh graders, 14-year-old local resident, unjustly attacked his classmate. He several times struck the boy a knife, causing him stab wounds to the face and bodies. Wounded managed to escape, and then the assailant jumped out the window. As a result of falling from the third floor, the teenager was injured, he was hospitalized with a suspected fracture of the spine, and is now in hospital,” — said Moshkov.

The wounded boy was treated by putting the stitches, go home.

According to preliminary data, among adolescents there were no conflicts, and the incident came as a surprise to all students. Meanwhile, investigators found out that the assailant in the class was considered an outcast — friends at school he was not, despite the fact that he studied in this class for many years. But bully, no bullied.

In fact the incident a criminal case under article “Attempt at murder”. It is established that the wounded man lived in a full family, but the initiator of the incident is brought up without a father. The investigators intend to conduct a forensic psychiatric examination, however, all investigative deystviya will be carried out only after doctors consent to them.

In January across Russia, a wave of incidents involving schoolchildren. January 15 former and current students of the Perm school massacre, which injured 15 people, including the teacher. The aggressors were arrested on suspicion of attempted murder of two and more persons.

19 January student of the Buryat school rushed to classes to seventh graders, wounded with an ax a few children and teachers, and started a fire with Molotov cocktails — seven people were injured, they received cut wounds. His attitude also prosecuted for attempted murder.

25 Jan 15-the summer teenager have brought to the College building on the street of the Soviet Army in Samara two air rifles and smoke torches, and scattered them in the hallway of the institution.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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