Parents were convicted bitten by rat baby


Erica Shrek and Charles Elliotte: Columbia County Sheriff’s Office

In the U.S. state of Arkansas handed down a guilty verdict to the parents whose two-week daughter is bitten by a rat. About it reports the local edition Arkansas Online.

Eric Schreck (Erica Shryock) and Charles Elliott (Charles Elliott) was sentenced to five years imprisonment for cruelty to children. They have served the 293 day of detention, and they will have a chance at parole.

Shrek and Elliot recognized sane and able to stand trial, despite mental disorder and the experiences of childhood sexual and physical abuse. After the arrest the couple also admitted to the use of drugs, including methamphetamine.

The incident occurred in may 2017. Parents realized that their daughter is in bed in the blood. Her body was about a hundred rat bites, and on a forehead wound 2.5 cm, through which was visible the skull. However, they immediately took the baby to the hospital, and, as reported by Fox News, waited for the mother of Elliot. The girl was operated on. Subsequently, the couple deprived of parental rights, the girl was adopted by another family.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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