Russian mowed 150 kilograms of cannabis were caught police


Frame: video from the Press service of the interior Ministry of the Russian Federation

The Amur police found in the garden of a local resident beveled 150 kilograms of wild hemp. This is stated in the message of Ministry of internal Affairs, arrived in edition “” on Friday, February 2.

Dried plants were stored in synthetic bags, they were more than 20 pieces. The police found that the 42-year-old owner collected wild-growing hemp for further processing and the manufacture of hashish oil. He used a metal press, a tank with a spiral pipe and other fittings for the production of drugs.

Also men have seized more than 650 grams of hashish oil.

On this fact criminal case is brought, the grass collector arrested.

The interior Ministry issued operational video.

Video: MIA.Russia

In the summer of last year the Kemerovo police found in the garden of a resident of the city of Belovo with more than 400 bushes of opium poppy. As she explained, she knew about the ban on drug cultivation, but dropped their “beauty”.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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