The American has found out the ticket 19 years ago and was able to use it


Photo: Darren Whiteside / Reuters

American from South Carolina received a voucher for a flight from United Airways, when I couldn’t fly from Nashville (tn), Sacramento (CA), but did not use it immediately. 19 years later he found the ticket under the bed and was able to cash it, reports The Sun.

On the voucher dated 31 December 1998, says that the unused ticket can be cashed. First, the representatives of United Airlines was confused, hearing the request of Walker. The company filed for bankruptcy in 2010, and all of her obligations is automatically canceled. Later, however, the carrier has met the client and she purchased the ticket, 19-year-old on a voucher 378 $ (21.3 thousand dollars). John had not yet chose how and when to use the ticket.

Earlier it was reported that the 66-year-old American a few times to make flights without a ticket. After she repeatedly caught at the airport and forbidden to approach the airports, she still tried to get on Board under false pretenses. The woman appointed psychiatric examination.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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