The hotel offered to book a room in fortune tellers and psychics


Photo: Orville Myers /

A chain of American hotels The James Hotel (one is in Chicago and two in new York) provides an opportunity for the guests to use the services of expert meditation, astrologer, Tarot reader and hypnotherapist. Any specialist can call to his room, according to the website of one of the hotels network.

Hoteliers believe that the psychological comfort of customers should be the maximum. According to the owner of the hotel, the fortune teller and astrologer to help guests make the right decision before an important meeting, and a video on Kundalini yoga designed for physical healing.

A session of hypnotherapy with a duration of 90 minutes will cost $ 175 and a one-hour session with the astrologer — $ 200. It is recommended to reserve a day.

Earlier it was reported that the hotel in San Francisco has offered to single guests are free to cuddle with the dog.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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