The hunter killed the goose, and received from him in response


Screenshot: play Duck Hunt

American Robert Mailhammer (Robert Meilhammer) on the hunt he got smashed carcass of a dead goose, with the result that ended up in the hospital with an injury. This reports the Baltimore Sun.

51-year-old resident of the city Krapo (Dorchester County, Maryland, United States) with other hunters went to the river miles. Above the men flew a flock of geese, and they began to shoot at birds. One of the geese fell right on the head Mailhammer.

For hospitalization of a hunter needed help aviation local emergency room. The publication notes that details of the incident, the police of Maryland.

In December last year it was reported that the dog of a resident of Iowa shot the hunter. While hunting the dog accidentally stepped on the trigger, causing the American got in the back of the shot from his fowling piece 12-go calibre.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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