The Iranians advised the women to kiss the feet of men are rapists, and thought better of it


Photo: Morteza Nikoubazl / Reuters

Iran state television apologized for speaking marriage counselor in the air. Specialist in family happiness advised the women to kiss the feet of men, even if they are beaten. This writes the British edition Daily Mail.

The expert told how to properly care for the man during his day: “Slowly make him massage your feet, dry them and kiss”. The woman explained that such actions will help to alleviate stress, and prevent stroke and heart attack.

It is reported that the consultant is advised to do this regardless of the relationships in the family: “Even if your husband is a drug addict, if he beats you — just do it and you will see a miracle.”

Numerous negative comments in social networks and the comments of the journalists forced the government to apologize. News Agency ISNA published an appeal, where officials promised to be attentive to the content on TV and the ways of information transfer.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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