The patient records was used instead of toilet paper


Photo: @pavel_mikov_official

The toilet in one of the Perm hospitals instead of toilet paper lay medical documents data about patients. The photo histories, laid out on the windowsill in the bathroom, posted on his Instagram the regional Ombudsman on human rights Pavel Mikov.

“Glaring fact identified me at the hospital. He immediately telephoned the Minister of health of region Dmitry Matveyev for prompt referral to CRH staff to assess and take measures to eliminate detected violations,” wrote Mikov.

Photo: @pavel_mikov_official

He found another violation — 65-year-old woman with a head injury and was hospitalized, citing the lack of available places. During the inspection the Ombudsman counted at least four free beds.

“It is important to understand that no the best conditions will not be appreciated, if the ratio of doctors and nurses will be desired. Will not decrease and the number of complaints, because people evaluates not only the purity of linen in the hospital, but also, and primarily, the human attitude to the patient. Questions of ethics are very important and they need to pay attention at the stage of training,” said Commissioner Perm.

Mikov took the situation in the hospital under his personal control, and in February plans to re-visit the health facility.

In mid-January in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk for the disclosure of medical confidentiality was fired the nurse who was taking pictures of patients of the provincial hospital, lying in the Department of anesthesiology and intensive care unit cardiovascular surgery. Pictures with offensive comments she has posted.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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