The Russians have created a mining farm in the tram depot and got


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A resident of Angarsk rented a room at the tram depot, which is owned by the municipality and opened a mining-farm to create cryptocurrency. His business closed after he drove the company into debt in the electricity bills. On Friday, February 2, reports “Komsomolskaya Pravda in Irkutsk”.

Siberian rented premises in the municipal enterprise “Angarsk tram” over 2.3 thousand rubles — about five times cheaper than the average price for office space in the city. “The man reported that will accommodate computer equipment. A mining farm, because it is computing. At the conclusion of the lease, we took meter readings, and it was agreed that she be paid by the owner separately”, — explained the edition, the employee of administration of Angarsk municipal district.

A few days later, the mining farm has detected a controller from the “Irkutskenergosbyt” reports He asked what kind of division on the territory of the state enterprise consumes as much electricity. Director depot Victor Sigerson difficult to answer this question. The administration said that as soon as he learned about the violations, equipment miner turned off. In the end, the man terminated the lease and took away all the equipment.

It is noted that “Angarsk tram” is on the verge of bankruptcy. Debt to energy is about 50 million rubles.

Earlier, Reuters reported that the rate of the world’s most popular cryptocurrency bitcoin fell more than 30 percent overall for the week and made 7944 dollar. This is the worst period for this cryptocurrency since April 2013.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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