The teacher posted a picture with a vagina, was banned and made trial Facebook


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A court in France on 1 February considered the claim of the teachers of Frederick Durand to Facebook, who deleted his account after posting picture with a vagina. About it reports The Local.

Durant posted the painting “the origin of the world” by the French painter Gustave Courbet in 2011. After the ban “without warning or justification,” he seven years we have been hearing in France, contrary to the rule of Facebook, according to which the decision conflicts with the company is under the jurisdiction of the United States.

The teacher is required to restore your account, but it never happened. The social network proves that user data will be deleted after 90 days after the blocking of the page.

The decision will be made in March. Duran’s lawyer said in court that “the origin of the world” can not be considered pornographic work, as it is the common cultural heritage of France.

Nudity in art is not considered a violation of the rules of the social network in 2015.

Courbet wrote “the origin of the world” in 1866. The painting has long been considered a provocation and 120 years have not been exhibited publicly. The painting is in the collection of the musée d’orsay.

In February Manchester art gallery has removed from display a painting by John William Waterhouse “Gila and nymphs” with naked girls. The Museum explained that it is not a caesura: so the gallery is trying to start a discussion about the modern value of art.

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