The teacher stepped on a black student in a lesson about slavery


Photo: Michael Noble Jr. / AP

The teacher of one of the middle schools in new York explained to the children the essence of slavery, for example, black students — she told them to lie on the floor and then stepped on one of them. The act of the teacher has caused sharp criticism on social networks, reports on Friday, February 2, Fox News.

As notes the edition, Patricia Cummings (Patricia Cummings) held a session at the seventh graders. The teacher told the schoolchildren about slavery and the Triangular trade (trade between Africa, America and Europe, including slaves — primas’. «»). The teacher asked three black students to go and lie down in front of the class.

“She asked one: “You know what it’s like to be a slave? How’re you feeling?”When the girl said that well, the teacher stepped back and said, “See what it’s like to be a slave?”, “said the child from the classroom Cummings.

The students explained that prior to this, the teacher showed them videos about beaten and tortured slaves.

The publication said that Cummings working at the school in 2016, after the incident was dismissed, but not for long — she returned to teaching. In the case of a teacher being tested, the investigation is ongoing.

At school №118 in the Bronx, where the incident occurred, studying 81 percent black and Hispanic and three percent white, adds Fox News.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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