Travellers from New Urengoy drove nuclear-powered icebreaker


Photo: Ilya Timin / RIA Novosti

The crew of the nuclear icebreaker “Taimyr” rescued members of the expedition with the polar weather station, reports “Interfax”.

According to the Agency, the travelers were planning on SUVs to get from Norilsk to the North of continental village in the world — Dixon to set a world record. But the wheels of cars damaged by the ice hummocks. The group stopped at the polar weather station Soperga and sent a request for assistance in Rosatomflot.

The project leader, a resident of New Urengoy Alexander Alikov said SeverPress that it saved the members of the team. “Taimyr” took the travelers to his Board and taken to the port of Dudinka and then went back to work for ensuring safe pilotage on the Northern sea route.

“It is indescribable when you ride a submarine off the edge of the earth. Is the space!”—he said.

Arctic expedition Alikova started on January 14. Participants were experienced travelers: the leader and organizer of the project Bogdan Bulychev from Yaroslavl, the photographer and videographer Anton Panov from Magadan, the operator of TV channel “Авто24” Igor Melnik from Moscow, as well as responsible navigators Evgeny Shatalov from Chelyabinsk, Dmitry Lapshin from Sevastopol. They said that the snow is prevented to move in the way, and the outside temperature reached minus 57 degrees, which in the wind of 17 meters per second felt like minus 70.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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