Trump declassified report on the abuses of the FBI in “the case of Russia»


Donald Truephoto: POOL New / Reuters

The US President Donald trump has declassified a report prepared by Republicans on the abuse of the leadership of the FBI, his power in the early stages of the investigation about his links with Russia during the election campaign. Document on Friday, February 2, was published on an open platform Scribd the congressional Committee on intelligence.

The us leader called open data to shame. “A lot of people should be ashamed”, — quotes its words TV channel CBS News.

The report States the facts related to illegal actions of the Federal Bureau of investigation and the U.S. Department of justice during the presidential campaign and election in 2016. In particular, it initiated a wiretap Carter Paige, a consultant to trump foreign policy during the election campaign. The FBI suspected him of links with Moscow. While spying on him they made a lot of legal violations.

It is also alleged that an FBI investigation on the relationship of the tramp with Russia was based on files of a former employee of British intelligence Christopher Steele, which was utvidelse that Moscow has dirt on the President of the United States. It was later revealed that Steele had hired the Democrats are the main rivals of the Republicans in the election. The declassified document States that on the basis of this dossier the FBI and was able to get permission from the court on surveillance page.

Earlier Friday it was reported that the FBI had expressed dissatisfaction with the publication. In an official statement, the Bureau States that there are doubts about the authenticity contained in the document. In addition, employees of security services provided a limited ability to read the text the day before the vote in the Committee.

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