Vain Chinese built tank and lost it


Frame: CCTV / YouTube

The Chinese lost the rights and was reprimanded by the police after made a homemade tank. About it reports a local portal CCTV News.

A resident of the district of Laibin city, located in the South of the country, by the name of Huang (Huang) spent two months turning an old truck into a tank. The man changed his form, painted in camouflage, installed the tower and a satellite dish. According to the Chinese, he did it to be famous on the Internet.

Juan demonstrated the product in social media, but attracted the attention of not only friends, but also the authorities. On 22 January the police confiscated his tank as soon as it left the road. On 31 January it became known that the man was fined 1750 yuan (about 15.7 thousand) and deprived of rights. The Chinaman was taken to the police station where he was reprimanded for violation of safety rules.

The tank is Juan going to destroy. Users of social networks supported the engineer and suggested that the police are just scared of his guns.

On 11 January it was reported the blogger from Novosibirsk, which is welded from two cars VAZ-2108 “apotek” or “tanktop”. YouTube users did not appreciate his ingenuity and called “apotek” useless.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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