A North Korean ship filed a distress signal at Vladivostok


Photo: Sergey Orlov / RIA Novosti

The ship from North Korea has issued a distress signal in waters of Vladivostok. Have the cargo ship ran out of fuel, reported RIA Novosti Director of the shipping company “Investstroytrest”, the representative of the North Korean company freighter Man Gyong Bong “Roskor” Vladimir Baranov.

“The ship is in waters for three days, he was not allowed to dock. Already a day and half it is de-energized. Today at 09.35 (02.35 GMT) the captain has given signal SOS. On the boat is a 30 person crew,” he said.

According to Baranov, the day before the captain sent an emergency radio message, but no one answered.

Now the ship is in the Bay area Quiet at Vladivostok. It carries in North Korea from Primorye flour, soybean oil, rice, wheat. Baranov said that the boat headed for the border guards, but they can’t come because of the ice.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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