The Italian fired black migrants began to act as fascists


The frame of the movie il Resto del Carlino

At least four people were injured in a shooting in the city of Macerata in Central Italy. It is reported by ANSA.

According to the Agency, fire was opened by the driver of the Alfa Romeo, all the wounded — black migrants. Writes ANSA, after finishing the shoot, the driver got out of the car and waited for police. When police arrived, the young man made the Nazi salute and let himself be detained.

The newspaper il Resto del Carlino publishes footage of the arrest of the suspect. The record shows that around the neck of a young man wrapped in the flag of Italy. According to the newspaper, the gunman is 28 years old, he belongs to ultraprobe movement.

In 2015 in Europe began the migration crisis due to the armed conflicts in Africa and the middle East. Italy the decision of the European Union hosted the 4-6 percent of the total number of officially arrived in the European country of migrants.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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