Called the standard-bearer of the Russians at the opening of the Olympics


Olympic flakphoto: Costas Baltas / Reuters

In the opening Games in Pyeongchang the flag of the International Olympic Committee (IOC), which will perform Russian athletes will carry the volunteer. About it reports TASS.

“The Olympic flag, under which the opening ceremony will team Olympic athletes from Russia, will be borne by the volunteer, appointed by the organizing Committee of the Games”, — said the head of the delegation of Olympic athletes from Russia’s Stanislav Pozdnyakov.

RIA Novosti January 24 reported that the IOC has banned to show the Russian tricolor in the stands during Games in 2018. The Committee denied this information, noting that according to the memo, released in November 2017, fans can use the Russian flag.

In December, the IOC suspended the national team of Russia from participation in the Games in 2018. Russian athletes who had not violated anti-doping rules, will be under the Olympic flag. Athletes and members of the Russian delegation will not during the competition to use the tricolor of the country and other national symbols.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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