Named the most disappointing investors cryptocurrency


Photo: Chris Helgren / Reuters

The crypto currency network Ripple — XRP — claims to be the largest disappointment for investors, writes CoinDesk.

In January, the XRP price rose to a record in the history of cryptocurrency values — almost 3.8 per U.S. dollar, then the rate began to fall. To 18:00 MSK February 4, the XPR was worth 0.86 dollar (minus 80 percent of the historic maximum).

CoinDesk notes that the rate of Ripple in January of ROS including rumors of the addition of the asset on the platform Coinbase. The court, however, has not yet been included in the XRP trades.

It’s like falling market performance, “hangs a heavy load” on XRP, writes CoinDesk.

According to Coinmarketcap 18:00 GMT on 4 February, the XRP market capitalization amounted to 34 billion dollars, at the peak value of the cryptocurrency, this indicator reached 138 billion dollars.

In August 2017 XRP Bitcoin Cash ousted from third place by market capitalization.

Ripple itself can not be called a crypto-currency is a platform for payment systems, also aims at the integration with Bank infrastructure.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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