Saved Shamil Basayev, the doctor told me about the “epidemic of beauty” in Chechnya


Chechen plastic surgeon Hassan Baiev in the Republican children’s clinical hospital, Grosgogeat: said tsarnaev / RIA Novosti

Chechen plastic surgeon Hassan Baiev, which became known in 2000 after an operation to amputate the feet of the terrorist Shamil Basayev, said that the inhabitants of the Republic are increasingly resorting to the help of doctors to eliminate aesthetic flaws. About this Baiev reported RIA Novosti.

“In Chechnya, I can tell you already, the epidemic is the pursuit of beauty, many people think that the more you upload something on the lips or somewhere else, the better. No restrictions are introduced, then go cry from the consequences. Upload these vaseline in different areas, cheating women, then they begin a necrosis of tissues,” said the surgeon.

According to him, women are the most sought after blepharoplasty (surgery to change the shape of the eyelids), rhinoplasty (nose reshaping), surgery on the nasal septum, the circular face lift, otoplasty (correction of auricles). Chechen men popular surgery to change age with the athletes — for the correction of the nasal membranes, living abroad the natives of the country — correction made by the European doctors “upturned noses”.

“Can you imagine a Caucasian with a snub nose? To me, these often come, please remove “upturned”, which they did in Europe. European doctors don’t take into account the Caucasian type of face, they have a rhinoplasty according to their standards, but we do not go upturned noses,” said the surgeon.

Baiev also said that, thanks to its international relations in Chechnya for ten years to come doctors from the US, Canada, Japan, Europe, within the framework of charity to operate on children with various defects from all regions of Russia. The birth of a large number of children with anomalies in the Republic, he connects with the consequences of military action.

The surgeon told me that after the operation, Shamil Basayev right foot in 2000, he and his family had to emigrate to America.

“I said that you saved his life, if not saved, then there would be Beslan. Said, I the terrorists operated, but I have also saved the lives of Russian military. They were brought to me, bleeding on APCS and IFVs, dozens,” said Baiev.

He added that during the fighting has opened a hospital near Grozny, because “the sense of duty prevailed over fear”: hospitals and doctors in Chechnya remained — everything was in ruins.

Shamil Basayev is a terrorist, one of the leaders of Chechen separatists and leaders of the self-proclaimed Chechen Republic of Ichkeria, held various senior positions in the government of the Chechen Republic of Ichkeria. Party to the hostilities in Abkhazia (1992-1993), the first Chechen campaign (1994-1996). The organizer of the terrorist attack on Budennovsk in 1995, which killed about 140 people. Basayev was killed July 10, 2006 during a special operation in Ingushetia. In December 2017 the North-Caucasian district military court sentenced two members of his gang involved in the hostage-taking in Budennovsk, 13 and 15 years of a colony of General regime.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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