A fan of Putin tried to kidnap Lana Del Rey


Lana Del Ratto: Laurent Benhamou / Globallookpress.com

Police arrested 43-year-old Michael hunt, who was planning to kidnap the American singer Lana Del Rey. The suspect was found near the venue of the concert artist, writes the Orlando Sentinel.

Law enforcement officers found the man folding knife. It is noted that hunt had published in social networks posts, which allegedly threatened Del Rey. On his page in Facebook the detainee admits the singer is in love and claims that “soon they will finally be together.”

“When Lana finally together, I helped her to finish her tour, we’ll dance and talk. Then we’ll know what we’ll do with children. I have a son named Donny,” — said hunt in one of the videos published on its page. In the same video, the man praised Russian President Vladimir Putin, calling him a great leader of the world level.

A man accused of attempted kidnapping with a weapon and harassment, aggravated by the threats.

In January, Del Rey announced that the musicians of Radiohead want to get 100 percent of the proceeds from the track Get Free, the melody of which they thought a similar with the melody of their hit Creep. After that, the singer’s fans attacked the British group’s page in Instagram and fill in the comments with expletives and emojis depicting feces, rats, and money.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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