Amazon angered the Chinese racism and left them without apology


Photo: Amazon

Online store Amazon has angered users from China, laying out racist advertising photography of the costumes in the Chinese national style, according to Medium.

Carnival costumes in photos represent children with white European facial features, which fingers to stretch his eyelids to his temples, to make their eyes look narrow.

After protests from customers from Southeast Asia, the British unit of Amazon has removed from sale two fancy dress costumes that were presented on the website of the European child models. However an official apology from representatives of the online retailer followed.

In January 2018 the online platform Amazon has removed from sale the products of the store Styleart for racism. The store sold t-shirts that says Slavery gets shit done (“Slavery helps to achieve results”).

First on the clothes drew the attention of the representatives of the charitable organization “Antipasto”. All models in the photos are white. All products of the seller contains this inscription. It can still be bought in stores in the United States.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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