American voodoo-ekzorcist burned five year old girl


Photo: Andres Martinez Casares / Reuters

In the us state of Massachusetts the two sisters tied and burned five year old girl, banishing her from the demon, which she allegedly misbehaved. Women also threatened to cut off the head of her eight-year-old brother with a machete. About the incident, reports the New York Post.

The boy told police that ekzortsista Peggy Lavosier (Peggy LaBossiere) and Rachel Hiler (Rachel Hilaire) twice tied his sister, then set fire to her face, stuck a needle-like objects in the hand and neck and let blood. The girl added, her eyes also filled with burning liquid.

The victim was taken to hospital with facial burns of the third degree. Then, along with her brother taken away by social services.

Women for the ritual was hired by the mother of the children. She was from Haiti and works as a hairdresser and Lavosier was a client. Roditelniy complained that her daughter doesn’t listen and is behaving capriciously, and was asked to conduct a voodoo ritual to exorcise her demon. The woman was not prosecuted, but was sent for psychiatric treatment.

Lavosier and Hillary told me that often carried out the procedure of “purification” for friends and relatives with baths. The ritual consisted of singing, prayers, rubbing Holy water and oils on the body and the burning of myrrh. According to them, children sometimes burned when the spirits left their body.

Both sisters deny injuring the girl, they will appear before court on 7 February. They supplied a public defender has not given a comment.

Voodoo is an African religion based on the belief that spirits are part of the material world and can influence events and people. Haitian voodoo is the most Orthodox kind of religion.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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