An exiled Russian oligarchs were going to forgive a criminal case


Boris Titute: Dmitry Korotaev / “Kommersant»

The business Ombudsman and the candidate in presidents of Russia Boris Titov told the details of the initiative on the return of those who left abroad businessmen. According to him, he expects that the police will close the case against exiled Russian businessmen. On Monday, February 5, RIA Novosti reported.

“Our hope is that at least 10 percent of the cases will be automatically closed. We remind the investigating authorities, that such things are, go back to them and close,” said Titov, noting that for the rest of the episodes and businessmen he would look into it personally. The Ombudsman noted that it expects from the President of the corresponding order.

While personal discussions with Titov Vladimir Putin on this subject are planned. “No, the meeting with the President I have been appointed. The President this kind of stuff paints his subordinates in law enforcement, law enforcement agencies, the Prosecutor’s office, judiciary,” — said the Ombudsman.

Before a Commissioner for the rights of entrepreneurs seeks to convey to law enforcement the fact that the cases against Russian businessmen from London forgot.

Titov met with the exiled Russian businessmen on Saturday, February 3. According to the business Ombudsman, “they are normal guys, they just instituted a criminal case in Russia.” The next day, February 4, it became known that Titov gave Vladimir Putin a list of Russian businessmen who wished to return to Russia.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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