Animal welfare activists were horrified cancers agony and began to fight for their rights


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The British defenders of animals found on the website of the online store Amazon offer selling and delivery of fresh North Atlantic lobster (Homarus americanus). About it reports The Independent.

Sea crawfish in doing so, in the week that, according to zoodefenders, arthropods causes physical suffering. Public organization of Crustacean Compassion (“compassion for crustaceans”) addressed to the Secretary of state for environment, food and rural Affairs of UK with a petition for the introduction of provisions on the rights of lobsters and other crustaceans in the present Parliament a bill on animal welfare (Animal Welfare Bill).

Several users of the online store in the comments under the supply of goods condemned sellers. “Send mail live animals — disgusting cruelty and barbarism. I’ll close your Amazon account,” wrote Susan McKenna. “It’s disgusting… Living beings are ordered in the mail like some things. Even with instructions on how to cook them alive. Lobsters feel pain — I know it since childhood, when my dad cooked crab,” said another user.

A spokesperson for Amazon said that the lobsters are sold by independent Specialist supplier of Fine Food, and refused to comment further.

Representative Fine Food Specialist’s Drogo Montagu said that there is no scientific reason to believe that lobsters can experience pain, adding that his company “strives to provide services of the highest level.”

In January 2018, Switzerland has adopted amendments to the rules in the field of veterinary prohibiting cooking lobsters and other crustaceans live.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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